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Partnership with Piermont Group is your opportunity to realise the potential within your property or receive fantastic returns on your capital through the vehicle of property development.

Trust Piermont Group to assist you in realising the potential profits involved in property development. If you haven’t got years of experience, ample time or sufficient capital to be confident in not just starting, but finishing a project on your own, then maybe partnering with an experienced professional like Piermont Group is your best option.

Piermont Group will keep you well informed throughout the journey, leaving you nothing to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the end results.


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Joint Venture

In this structure Piermont Group invests its time, resources and capital, to drive and deliver a successful development project on your property. As the land owner you retain part ownership of the property throughout the life cycle of the development until the projects construction is complete and the individual units have been sold to their new owners. As the joint venture partner you receive, at completion of the project, the current land value agreed to prior to commencement of the project, plus a generous share of the profits from the development.

Equity Investor

As an Equity Investor you can leverage off Piermont Groups experiences, relationships and business systems to co-invest and collectively share in the profits from a successful development. Piermont Group will drive the project and handle all day to day activities as you take an arm chair ride through the journey. Its not just the safety of Piermont Groups successful track record of completing every project ever undertaken, but its ability to deliver projects in record timeframes, maximising returns for any investors participating.

Fixed Return Investor

As a fixed return Investor you can simply invest your capital into a Piermont Group project and receive a fixed annualized percentage return on your investment, that is capitalised and paid out at completion of the project. This option suits investors looking for healthy returns with minimal risk.

Land Assembly

Piermont Group can work with you and other neighbouring property owners to collectively lobby the planning authorities to rezone areas to a more favourable and profitable zoning, or to obtain a planning permit across multiple properties to achieve a more feasible project. Piermont Group will handle all negotiations and coordinate consultants to achieve a successful outcome.

Sell to Piermont Group

This option simply invites you to sell your asset to Piermont Group who will offer you a premium price to purchase your land in exchange for flexible settlement terms.

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Why Partner with Us

Our success is largely due to the culture of our team including the relationships built over time with all our consultants, contractors and industry professionals.

It's the years of experience we have across all aspects of the development process individually and collectively that underpins our track record of continuous achievement. Despite the runs on the board, we consistently aim to improve and adapt to the ever changing development landscape.

With the passion still as strong as ever, talk to us today to find out more.


Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI), is a not for profit community housing provider that creates new beginnings for women and children at risk of homelessness by providing permanent and affordable homes, access to support networks and ongoing advocacy.