About Us

Experienced Developers & Builders

​Piermont Group is a team of experienced developers and builders that specialises in land subdivision and multi-dwelling construction. We are real estate developers that work and operate with efficient management, equipment, linkages, and workforce. We partner with real estate agents, investors, and property owners who wish to maximise their investments.


Our Team

Warren Trewin

Managing Director

Warren Trewin provides a wealth of knowledge in various sectors of property development from his 29 years of success within the industry. From construction methodologies to financial structures and expertise of town planning, Warren has the overall in-depth understanding to drive the success of each Piermont vision. Warren contributes constant consultancy to his developments to ensure each individual project is delivered on time, within budget and exceeds the expectations of our purchasers.

Jason Eardley

Projects Director

Jason Eardley contributes extensively in construction, with his experience in project management in conjunction with his superintendent experience on various projects. His diligence with all facets of management provide successful outcomes for all the stakeholders within the project. It’s the efficiencies found within the physical construction through his years of experience and the ability to deliver projects inline with the most demanding timelines that plays a major role in our success.

Ross Johnstone

Acquisitions Director

Ross Johnstone has a broad experience across the real estate industry. As a licenced estate agent Ross has worked across all niches within the residential sector from established property to project marketing and of course acquisitions of development sites. With a background also in development management Ross has a wholistic understanding of the development process which assists immensely when structuring attractive deals for vendors consideration.


Why Choose Piermont Group?

Piermont Group was established in 1998 with the goal of helping real estate owners and investors in making the best out of their development projects. Over the years, we have developed and refined systems that allow us to provide quality services to all our clients. Our track record of major projects has earned us a reputation for being a dependable, efficient and extremely responsive development partner.

Dedication to Quality Service

As one of the leading real estate developers in its area, we take it upon ourselves to ensure quality services at all times. We work with professionalism in every project that we do.

Close Collaboration and Communication

Another key pillar to our reputation is our constant dialogue between all stakeholders. purchaser updates on construction progress, to liaising with neighbours throughout planning and keeping our investors updated on project milestones.


Our two greatest assets are our people and our integrity. Piermont employees and contractors are experienced, well-educated professionals. Our competitive advantage stems from the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Work with us

Our Property Development company has spent years establishing a trusted name within the industry. Now is your chance to benefit from our years of experience.